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Decemberg 2014

Jacqueline wearing the Briar Rose NecklaceHappy holidays!

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the Kushiel-loving reader in your life? Don't forget about the official Phèdre's Marque necklace, available from RockLove Jewelry throughout the holiday season!  It's a beautiful piece and this is a charitable endeavor with all proceeds going to benefit my local library.

As you can see, I'm delighted with mine!

Speaking of gifts, the other day over on my Facebook page, a reader who'd drawn the name of a 15 year old girl hoping for science fiction and fantasy romance from an angel tree asked if I thought my books would be appropriate. I had to say that if you're asking about Kushiel's Legacy, no, I wouldn't give those books to a 15 year old unless I were very familiar with her reading level. Sure, I know there are plenty of fans out there who started reading those books at 15 and younger and were just fine with the content, but... as a stranger, it';s not a gift I'd be comfortable giving.

My best suggestion for anyone looking to introduce a young adult reader to my work is Dark Currents , the first volume of the Agent of Hel trilogy. Although it does deal with some dark themes, overall it's lighter in tone than a lot of my work, and I think the amount of whimsy makes it more accessible. Plus, no actual sex scenes! Okay, yeah, the next two books - Autumn Bones and Poison Fruit - have some steamy action... but if a new fan gets hooked and goes on to read those, that's not your fault, right?

I'd also consider Santa Olivia and Saints Astray which actually have teenaged heroines - though there is sex and rather a lot of swearing if strong language is an issue. Of course, there's The Sundering -Banewreaker and Godslayer. Those are a deliberate riff on the structure of Tolkien and Tolkienesque epic fantasy, reimagining it as epic tragedy, and there's absolutely no sex or swearing! If you happen to have a budding young literary iconoclast in your life, the duology might be the perfect fit.

Overall, I say Dark Currents is the most likely bet. Really, it's a great introduction for any new reader, young or old. And I didn't intend this month's post to be all about recommending my books as gifts, but people do often ask whether or not my work's appropriate for young adult readers, so I figured on the heels of this latest inquiry that this was a good time to address it.

Although I did just find out the hard way that we need a whole new septic system, and that it's going to be hella expensive.' So... yes! Books make great gifts! Oh, and if you're wondering what "the hard way" means, it involves a bathtub full of sewage.

In other news, I've added another convention to next year's schedule - In-CON-Ceivable in Northampton, MA in August. As previously posted, next month, I'll be at IllogiCon in Raleigh-Durham, and I should be adding a couple more convention appearances pending announcements. A note: Whenever I post convention appearances on social media, there are inevitably readers who respond with, "Oh, please come to (fill in the blank)!" Which, of course, is lovely, but guys... if it's out of state, I'm usually not there on a whim or my own dime.

When conventions invite author guests of honor, they generally cover the cost of travel, lodging and meals. In exchange, we take part in panel discussions, give readings and Q&As, judge costume contests, and gladly sign all the books you can carry. So if you want me to attend a convention in your area, lobby the convention committee! I always try to accept all the invitations my schedule allows.

Check out the Tattoo Gallery for a lovely new addition, and I’ll see you in the New Year! 

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