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November 2015


Last month was a busy one, or at least the first half of it was, as I was a featured guest at three back-to-back-to-back conventions in Orlando, St. Louis and Minneapolis. All three were very different in nature - SF:SE in Orlando had a strong focus on writing, Archon in St. Louis had the best costumes, and Nerdcon in Minneapolis had really diverse and innovative programing.

But one thing they all had in common was wonderful attendees, and the best part of any convention is the chance to meet my readers. I'm always so touched by the stories that you share with me. I know sometimes it feels like the words you want to say are inadequate, and trust me, I feel that way, too. Any writer able to do what he or she loves for a living is already incredibly fortunate, but hearing that my books have touched someone's life in a significant way makes it all the more worthwhile.

So thank you; thank you all! Thank you for your stories and cards and gifts, all of which I truly treasure. Thank you for your heartfelt hugs and tears. And if you happened to buy me a drink, that was much appreciated, too!

Of course, there were other highlights. I met some cool writers like Catherynne Valente, Peter V. Brett and Paolo Bacigalupi. I spent time with a couple of dear college friends, and was reminded that we need to get together more often; I got to hang with some more recent friends, and weave a few new threads in our tapestry of shared stories. At Nerdcon, I survived a game of "Celebrity Artemis" (no thanks to my profound lack of skills on the Comms station) and won the "Who Said It: Donald Trump or Kanye West/Hank Green or Mindy Kaling?" trivia contest. I was splashed by rockhopper penguins at the St. Louis Zoo, and I stumbled upon a Johnny Cash tribute band playing at ten o'clock in the morning in Minneapolis.

All in all, it was a bit exhausting, but very rewarding. I'm glad I said "Yes" to the invitations that came my way this year.

Sadly, one such event has been canceled, and that's the convention that was scheduled to take place in Milan, Italy this month. I don't think I ever posted it here on my site - I like to make sure something's a definite go before I add it to my official list of appearances - but I did mention it on social media. I'm sorry, as I was looking forward to meeting some of my Italian fans. Another time, I hope!

Now I'm looking forward to settling in and getting some writing done. I'll be starting something new and completely different, a standalone fantasy that will involve some really cool worldbuilding. And in case you missed the prior announcement, I do have a novella coming out next month in an anthology from Subterranean Press, which I'm delighted to announce just received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. So that's something to celebrate!

On the homepage, a little seasonal still life featuring a lovely card given me by a reader unable to get into the "sold-out" signing at Nerdcon, as well as a gorgeous hairpin by a reader who was. Thanks again to all of you!


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